Messages from the Vocation Director

Messages from the Vocation Director

How to Discern in Our Time

Occasionally, I hear people say that we are living in age of misinformation rather than an information age. There is […]

Three simple discernment actions

Although I think that the Glenmary website is one of the best websites, I do have to admit that reading […]

I feel like I want to make a difference with my life, but I do not know where.

The first line of a prayer written by Thomas Merton, O.C.S.O. is one that I say to myself on many […]

Google Cannot Answer Your Discernment Questions

I am continually astonished by social media and new technologies. And although I find Instagram, Twitter and instant messaging fascinating […]

Our Vocation Begins by Dwelling in Jesus

Last month, Pope Francis journeyed to Colombia. During his visit, he addressed priests, brothers, sisters and seminarians. I think that his words, […]

Lawnmowers, Dinner Parties, St. Peter & Vocations

I enjoy mowing the grass in the evening. For me, pushing the lawnmower over the tall grass and occasionally looking […]

The Glenmary Oath

This month, two of our Glenmary seminarians, Charles Aketch and Richard Toboso, will renew their Glenmary Oath for a second […]

Are you called to replace our deceased brothers?

Glenmary Home Missioners recently buried two of our brothers—Brother Terry O’Rourke, 82, and Brother Bob Hoffman, 89. Their deaths have allowed […]

Pope Francis’ Letter to the Young People

As we are just barely into 2017, we might consider it too soon to think about 2018. But the Church […]