Catholic Vocation

Catholic Vocation

catholic vocationIs God calling you to be a Glenmary priest or brother in Mission Land, USA?

  • Where is God calling you?
  • How can you make a difference in the world?
  • Have you considered being a missionary?
  • Has anyone every told you that you would be a good priest or brother?

Glenmary’s Catholic vocation team is available to help you answer these questions. Please contact us by phone, email or by filling out the form below.

Phone: 513-881-7411


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    What is Glenmary?

    Glenmary is a Catholic society of priests, brothers and lay workers who serve
    primarily in Appalachia and the deep South. Glenmary was founded in 1939 by Father William Howard Bishop, who had a dream that the Catholic Church would be present everywhere in the United States.

    Glenmary has served mission churches in 14 states with the goal to return developed parishes to the care of the local diocese. We can then move on to new mission territory.

    Glenmary is proud that more than 120 parishes are former Glenmary missions. Our missions are in counties where less than 1% of the population is Catholic, as high as 75% claim no faith affiliation at all. Poverty averages 20%, almost two times the national average.


    Testimonials for Catholic Vocation

    “When my brother told me about there being no Catholic Mass where he was, that kind of moved my heart. I said, well, if I’m a Glenmarian I can serve these small towns where [many] people perhaps don’t speak any English.” — Father José Carlos Miguel López

    “I wanted to be doing more things than being a minister. I wanted to be out there doing stuff with the people. I just liked what the brothers were doing.” — Brother Josiah Kimani

    “Everyday I realize how blessed and privileged I am to be a Glenmary Home Missioner. I get to enter sacred spaces with my encounters and interactions with the people of God.” — Brother Jason Muhlenkamp


    Lay Missioners

    Feel a calling to help the home missions, but not a calling to religious life? Explore lay missioner options HERE.