Father Bishop Museum

Called by God, one determined and visionary priest saw that Catholic missioners were needed in the rural communities of the United States, especially in Appalachia and the South. So, he acted for the “salvation of souls.”

In 1939, after laboring in a small Catholic parish in rural Maryland for 20 years, Father William Howard Bishop founded The Home Missioners of America, now Glenmary Home Missioners. Glenmary is the only religious community devoted exclusively to serving the spiritually and materially poor in the U.S. home missions.

The story of Father William Howard Bishop and his founding of Glenmary is one of insight, innovation, perseverance, faith, and inspiration. Father Bishop saw the thousands of poor, neglected and forgotten people who inhabited rural America. He saw what the Church had failed to see—that there were vast areas in the United States that were starving for the Bread of Life. Father Bishop continues to inspire men to follow his footsteps into rural America, building Catholic communities and bringing hope to people on the margins.

Glenmary Home Missioners is dedicating a special space in its Cincinnati, Ohio, headquarters to honor its founder. In the new Father William Howard Bishop Museum, visitors will meet Father Bishop, read his writings, see his furnishings and personal chalice, and come to understand how his experiences in rural Maryland laid the foundation for the thriving ministries of today’s Glenmary priests and brothers.

His is the story of a priest who found his calling in a small country parish and worked tirelessly to ensure that the Catholic Church did not lose sight of thousands of Americans with no access to the Eucharist. It is the story of hundreds of men who have also dedicated their lives to being Christ’s representatives in Mission Land, USA. It is the story that continues as the need identified by Father Bishop still exists in rural America today.

You can help tell Father Bishop’s story.

Your donation in support of the Father William Howard Bishop Museum will ensure that Father Bishop’s dream will continue to inspire others—men discerning a vocation to Glenmary life, school groups learning about missionary service in the United States, friends and family members who share our history, new and longtime contributors, and those visiting from across the country. Donors will become part of the Glenmary Founder’s Circle and be recognized at the Museum. You can also dedicate your donation in memory of a loved one or chosen Glenmarian.

Your donation will assist the museum with artifact restoration, pedestals and display cases, audio-video equipment, exhibit graphics, framing and more.

In addition to recognition at the museum, members of the Founder’s Circle will be especially remembered in prayer each year on October 19, the Feast of the North American Martyrs, patron saints of Glenmary as chosen by Father Bishop. Members will receive invitations to museum events including the new Founder’s Speakers Series, highlighting topics central to Glenmary’s mission, charism and connection to the universal Church.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration of joining the Glenmary Founder’s Circle in support of the Father William Howard Bishop Museum.

With your generous support, the story of Father William Howard Bishop and his founding of Glenmary Home Missioners will come to life!

Suggested Donations:

$500 will help provide photo restoration and framing.

$1,000 will help provide one display pedestal.

$1,000 will help provide artifact restoration.

$1,500 will help provide audio-visual equipment.

$2,000 will help provide wall graphics and mural.

$2,500 will help provide one medium display case.

$5,000 will help provide one large display case.

All donors will enter the Founder’s Circle and be recognized as such at the Museum.

Thank you for your generous support!