U.S. County Fast Facts

The Glenmary Research Center has created Fast Fact information tables for all the counties in the United States. The data for these Fast Facts are taken from the Religious Congregations & Membership Study: 2010 and the Quick Facts made available by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Within each PDF are individual pages for all the counties in a state. County Fast Facts include comparable statistics on the county, diocesan, the state, and national level. Each county report is broken down into the following categories:

  • General Population
  • Social and Economic Characteristics
  • Religious Characteristics

In addition, the three largest faith groups in the county, diocese, state and nation are listed.

Please Note: The data used to calculate the number of Catholics living in a county was taken from the Religious Congregations & Membership Study 2010, which counted as one body both Roman Catholics and Eastern Rite Catholics. Diocesan, state and national numbers included in these Fast Facts also reflect both Roman Catholic and Eastern Rite Catholic populations. To obtain the number of Roman Catholics or Eastern Rite Catholics living in a particular county, please contact the local diocese.

For further information on county Fast Facts or the Religious Congregations and Membership Study, please contact the Glenmary Research Center.

2013 U.S. Catholic population map

U.S. counties with high poverty rates

U.S. counties with low percentages of Catholics

U.S. counties with mission need

U.S. counties with over 40 percent of the population unchurched

Specific County data