How do I discern if God is calling me to be a home missioner?

Our recommendation: Get to know God and yourself better. Get to know the missions. And let Glenmary get to know you.

Get to know God better. Go to Mass as often as possible. Be active in your local parish community. Pray and read the Bible daily. Seek out a spiritual director—someone to meet with regularly to talk about how God is present in your life.

Getting to know God better will help you get to know yourself better. Additionally you can reflect on the things that you like to do. Honestly assess what are your passions, values and goals. Try something new. Start writing a daily journal with reflections each evening on what has happened that day. Your journal may include spiritual reflections, mundane thoughts, even your struggles with your darker, more sinful moments. Since your journal is private and for no one but you to see, it provides a place for an honest look at the real you—not some public image of yourself.

To get to know the missions and to allow Glenmary get to know you, we recommend several experiences:

Request a vocation profile form. Filling out a personal assessment and sharing that with Glenmary’s vocation director helps us to advise you on your discernment.

Visit. Arrange for a convenient location for you and a member of the vocation team to meet. This may be at your school, your home or at our headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio. This first visit usually lasts no more than a couple of hours.

Come & See mission trip. Glenmary offers various mission trips throughout the year which generally last a weekend (Friday-Sunday). These trips include visiting with Glenmary priests and brothers, traveling to a Glenmary Mission, spending time with other men in discernment and sharing in community prayers and reflections.

Mission placement. After participating in a Come & See trip, a mission placement is a way to live and work in a mission to learn more about Glenmary-and for Glenmary to get to know you. The placement can be as short as two weeks or as long as a month. By sharing in the daily experience of mission life with Glenmarians, you can test your vocation and recognize your abilities as you contribute to the work of Glenmary.

Contact the Vocation Office at 513-881-7411 for more information.