Lay Regional Missioners

The nature of Glenmary’s mission often goes beyond the local parish. Many issues that affect individual mission counties need to be addressed at a regional or national level. Some of these needs and issues are related to Hispanic ministry, ecumenism, social transformation, and evangelization. To meet these needs, Glenmary partners with qualified lay people.

To inquire about these opportunities, contact us.


Regional Hispanic Missioners – Marco Tavares

Glenmary employs lay people to do regional Hispanic ministry, reaching out to Hispanics in various mission areas by providing parish missions, doing evangelization, conducting home visits, inviting inactive Catholics to greater participation in the local community, and more.



Director of Ecumenism – Nathan Smith

Glenmary’s Director of Ecumenism works towards establishing greater Christian unity by enhancing understanding, reducing alienation and fostering reconciliation between Catholics and other non-Catholic Christian denominations existing in Glenmary’s missions in the Southeastern part of the United States, with a special emphasis on Evangelical, Pentecostal and Charismatic communities.


Director of Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation – Polly Duncan-Collum

Glenmary’s Director of Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation is to be a catalyst, facilitator, and collaborator at many levels, with and between many groups both within and outside of the Glenmary Home Missioners, in order to bring about justice, peace and integrity of creation.



Glenmary Volunteer Program – Joe Grosek

Glenmary’s Volunteer Director coordinates Glenmary’s Volunteer Programs, particularly the ministry that takes place at Toppa Joppa, a Glenmary volunteer program in East Tennessee, that hosts high school, college and adult groups for mission immersion experiences.