Order DVD

Glenmary’s Vocation Office has published a magazine and produced a DVD for men discerning a vocation as a missionary priest or brother.

Our Come & See magazine answers the frequently asked questions that discerners have about religious life, the ministries of priests and brothers, the formation process and much more.
Whatever stage of the discernment process, this magazine will help readers to learn more about Glenmary and the ministry we undertake serving the poor and forgotten in the U.S. missions.

Glenmary’s vocation DVD, “Walking Together in Mission” includes a general overview of Glenmary’s mission and ministry as told by the missioners and students. (See trailer below)

In addition it gives viewers a clear insight into Glenmary’s mission and ministry—as well as describing what’s involved in discerning and responding to the call to serve as Glenmary priests and brothers.

Both resources are available in English or Spanish. Please contact us if you would like to receive a copy or would like copies to distribute at your parish or school.