Do you own cryptocurrency? We’re super excited to announce that Glenmary can now accept Bitcoin and other different crypto coins as donations.

Crypto donations are a smart way to support Glenmary Home Missioners because you can save on two types of taxes and make a larger impact. Many supporters are choosing to donate crypto this year to save on taxes and make social change.Priest holds host at Mass

Put your cryptocurrency to good use — join other supporters and make a tax-deductible donation of crypto to Glenmary Home Missioners.

Glenmary accepts cryptocurrency assets donated through the Crypto for Charity platform. The donations are initially received by the affiliated 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit, FreeWill Impact Fund, which maintains a cryptocurrency exchange account and wallet. FreeWill Impact Fund provides you with a tax receipt for their donation, liquidates the donated cryptocurrency, and passes the cash proceeds on to Glenmary Home Missioners.

Donations of appreciated crypto can be up to 20% more valuable than selling and donating the cash, allowing you to make a bigger impact and save on taxes.

How Does Donating Cryptocurrency work?

Donating Cryptocurrency is easy to do:

1. Go to
2. Pick Glenmary Home Missioners from the list of charities.
3. Donate crypto and get a tax receipt immediately via email.

Cryptocurrency donations are processed by FreeWill Impact Fund and are immediately sold and transferred to Glenmary Home Missioners in U.S. dollars. We do not maintain a reserve of cryptocurrency, therefore all crypto donations to Glenmary are final.

You will receive an email receipt immediately upon making your donation.

We encourage you to include your name and contact information when you make your gift so that Glenmary can personally thank you.

Your cryptocurrency donations give us one more way to fund our ministry in the home missions, including the following:  

  • In Early County GA, Br. Jason helps families avoid eviction, keep the lights on, have shelter for the night, or bury a loved one.
  • In Union County, TN, families struggling with food insecurity can count on fresh food distributed through the Fresh Wagon mobile food pantry operated by Fr. Neil Pezzulo.
  • Catholics in Smith County, TN, led by Fr. Don Tranel, celebrated the first Mass in their county in 222 years and are building a faith community with a permanent Church home.
  • Missionary Pastoral Minister Lorenzo Ajú and his wife Nicolasa have begun to establish a new missionary area in Overton County, TN.
  • Craig Digmann evangelizes in Trousdale County, TN, an area where Catholics are few. He has visited every Christian church there: 34 in total.
  • The celebration of Mass by Glenmary priests in places like a farm field or a crab factory connects Catholic workers with the Eucharist and their faith.
  • In Georgia, Fr. Francois ministers to youth in incarceration facilities, the only minister bringing the good news of Jesus Christ to these young people.
  • Students worried about where their next meal will come from can count on the weekly food distribution program in Bertie County, NC.
  • In Tennessee, Glenmary’s group volunteer program provides volunteer missionary opportunities for students and young adults in service to the marginalized population in Grainger County.

Thank you for your support!

This information is not legal advice. A donor should seek the guidance of a qualified estate and/or tax professional to understand the consequences of a gift.