Third Wednesday of Easter

Daily Reflection

Third Wednesday of Easter

Broadening families

From today’s Scripture: “There broke out a severe persecution of the Church in Jerusalem, and all were scattered….”—Acts 8:1b

If we follow Jesus, we should expect difficulty; specifically, Satan tends to scatter, tear apart, and divide. God does the opposite, bringing people together even across vast differences.

I once visited Glenmary Brother Craig Digmann in Trousdale County, Tennessee. Every Sunday, Brother Craig worshiped with one of the 33 Protestant churches in the county, a ministry he calls, “ecumenical evangelization.” (He also attended Mass Saturdays in nearby Smith County at Glenmary’s St. Peter the Apostle) “I am part of 33 families,” Brother Craig said of the group that has developed relationships of understanding, despite substantive theological differences. He is pointing a way toward Christian unity. The first step is getting to know one another.

Let us pray: Lord, show me how to work toward Christian unity and understanding.



Today’s author is Polly Duncan Collum, former parish lay missioner and now director of the Glenmary’s Commission for Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation.


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