St. Barnabas

Daily Reflection

St. Barnabas

His love for us all

From today’s Scripture: “Your light must shine before others.”—Mt 5:16

God loved each of us into being. Without his love, our talents and our personality would not be. Think of our vocations in life: marriage, single life, religious life, priesthood. As a parent has love for a child so does God love each of us, in each our callings.

I have the video Joshua, based on a novel by Joseph Girzone. It’s an allegory about Jesus. One of the lines that Joshua uses in the description of the Bible to a group of ministers: it is a love letter to his people. There is some rough stuff in the Good Book, but it is a love letter to his people. God loves us so much that he gives us this love letter, handed down through centuries. Love is something that we should all have for each other and for Mother Earth. As Jesus tells us, our light must shine.

Let us pray: God, you call me not just to care, but to love. Help me to understand what that means in my life. Give me the strength, the compassion, to love.




Today’s author is Glenmary Father Thomas Kirkendoll, whose ministries have included mission pastor and director of Glenmary’s novitiate program.


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