Sixth Monday in Ordinary Time

Daily Reflection

Sixth Monday in Ordinary Time

Deeper things

From today’s Scripture: Consider it all joy, my brothers and sisters, when you encounter various trials.”—Jas 1:2

Glenmarians often work among people in poverty. Those people endure hardship after hardship. A parent may need to ration firewood or natural gas, and be cold for part of the day. Or they may have to go without food so their children can eat. If they can’t pay the water bill or have no running water, their children may be taken from them, to a safer place. 

Poverty is no fun. But somehow many people in poverty find times of joy. How do they do it? Joy is not the kind of thing money can buy. It might come from relationships, from the experience of nature, or the indwelling sense that God is present in our lives, regardless of our troubles. There’s a lesson there for everyone: our times of greatest need can open us up to the deeper things.

Let us pray: O God, you know the depths of poverty in my heart. Help me to move beyond that to experience inner joy, the joy of one beloved by my Creator.


Today’s author is John Feister, an award-winning journalist and leader of Glenmary’s Communications Team.


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