Second Wednesday in Ordinary Time

Daily Reflection

Second Wednesday in Ordinary Time

Facing Pharisees

From today’s Scripture: “The Pharisees were spying on Jesus to see if he would heal on the Sabbath so they could accuse him.”—Mark 3:2

By doing the will of God the Father, Jesus struck a chord against the status quo of his day, a status quo that did not please God. Jesus was clear in expressing that the commandments are summarized in loving God above all things and loving one’s neighbor as oneself. All other standards must harmonize with these. The Pharisees, on the other hand, were more interested in keeping up appearances and complying with secondary laws, such as whether one could cure on the Sabbath.

With enormous courage, Jesus faced the Pharisees and asked them back: “What is it allowed to do on the Sabbath, good or evil? Can a man’s life be saved on Saturday or should he be allowed to die?” The answers are obvious.

Let us pray: Lord, give us the strength to do your will even when it is uncomfortable and generates negative reactions, wherever they come from.


Today’s author is Omar Cabrera, coordinator of Spanish-language communications for Glenmary Home Missioners. This week’s reflections are translated from Spanish, also available by email.


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