Second Tuesday in Ordinary Time

Daily Reflection

Second Tuesday in Ordinary Time

“Like a beggar”

From today’s Scripture: “Man looks at appearances, but the Lord looks at hearts.”—1 Sam 16:7

My wife and I were at a gas station near Glenmary one day when we saw a Glenmary priest picking up empty pop cans. When we greeted him, he told us that he did it both to help clean up and protect the environment by recycling. And he added he did in spite of it not looking very elegant. “It has even happened to me that they mistake me for a beggar.”

I think that God looks at the heart of this priest, his love for his neighbor and for taking care of creation, and not so much whether he looks elegant when doing it.

Let us pray: Lord, give us the wisdom and love necessary to separate the essential from the apparent. Help us to be like you, who looks first at the heart, before appearances.


Today’s author is Omar Cabrera, coordinator of Spanish-language communications for Glenmary Home Missioners. This week’s reflections are translated from Spanish, also available by email.


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