List of Credibly Accused

Posted October 11, 2019

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Glenmary has become painfully aware that in the past we have failed to protect minors and vulnerable adults. In addition, we have realized how often our response to victims has been inadequate. We deeply regret these failures. We continue to seek your forgiveness for our mistakes. We are committed to healing and justice for all those involved.

In a spirit of accountability and transparency we are publishing a list of all Glenmarians against whom there are credible allegations of abuse of a minor or vulnerable adult.  It is our hope that publishing these names will be a step in the healing process for the victims.

Glenmary defines a credible allegation as a preponderance of evidence that the allegation is more likely true than not after investigation. Credibility can also be established by conviction in a court, or by the admission of the truth by the accused.

The list includes name, birth year, the year the accused joined Glenmary, current status and dioceses where each man served. The nature of Glenmary’s missionary work means most members have served in a variety of ministries across several dioceses.

This release of names reflects what we know to be accurate as of this date; however, we will continue to adjust our list as investigations currently underway are completed and any accusation under investigation is determined to be credible.

Glenmary is committed to preventing future abuse and addressing any allegations swiftly and justly.

Anyone who believes he or she has been abused by a member of Glenmary Home Missioners is encouraged to contact me at 513-881-7402, as well as the appropriate authorities. Glenmary promises full cooperation with the civil authorities in the reporting and investigation of such allegations.

Father Dan Dorsey
President, Glenmary Home Missioners

List of credibly accused missioners

Al Behm (Brother)
Born: 1938  Joined Glenmary:1960
Status: Left society in 1993.
Dioceses served: Bridgeport (CT), Charlotte (NC), Cincinnati (OH), Covington (KY), Lexington (KY), Nashville (TN), New Orleans (LA), San Francisco (CA), Savannah (GA)

Bill Early (Brother)
Born: 1936  Joined Glenmary: 1958
Status: Deceased. Left society in 1993
Dioceses served: Atlanta (GA), Chicago (IL), Cincinnati (OH), Lexington (KY), Nashville (TN), Oakland (CA), San Francisco (CA), Savannah (GA), Washington (DC)

Adelbert (Del) Holmes (Priest)
Born: 1925  Joined Glenmary: 1959
Status: Deceased
Dioceses served: Charlotte (NC), Cincinnati (OH), Little Rock (AR), Owensboro (KY), Richmond (VA), Savannah (GA)

Francis Masserella (Priest)
Born: 1915  Joined Glenmary: 1941
Status: Deceased. Left society in 1945
Dioceses served: Columbus (OH)

Robert Poandl (Priest)
Born: 1941  Joined Glenmary: 1962
Status: Deceased
Dioceses served: Atlanta (GA), Cincinnati (OH), Harrisburg (PA), Newark (NJ), New Orleans (LA), Owensboro (KY), Savannah (GA), Tulsa (OK), Tyler (TX)

Peter Richardson (Priest)
Born: 1958  Joined Glenmary: 1981
Status: Deceased. Left society in 2007
Dioceses served: Cincinnati (OH), Jackson (MS), Lexington (KY), Nashville (TN).

Ed Smith (Priest)
Born: 1916  Joined Glenmary: 1943
Status: Deceased
Dioceses served: Bogota (Colombia), Charlotte (NC), Cincinnati (OH), Richmond (VA), Savannah (GA)

Gino Vertassich (Brother)
Born: 1937  Joined Glenmary: 1960
Status: Deceased. Left society in 1975
Dioceses served: Atlanta (GA), Charlotte (NC), Cincinnati (OH), Savannah (GA)

Bill Wright (Brother)
Born: 1952  Joined Glenmary: 1978
Status: Deceased. Left society in 2006
Dioceses served: Jackson (MS), Little Rock (AR), Nashville (TN), Owensboro

Benedict Wolf (Priest)
Born: 1916  Joined Glenmary: 1941
Status: Deceased. Left society in 1975
Dioceses served: Altoona-Johnstown (PA), Cincinnati (OH), Owensboro (KY), Washington (DC)

Tony Jablonowski (Priest)
Born: 1937  Joined Glenmary: N/A*
Status: Laicized in 2006
Dioceses served with Glenmary: Atlanta (GA), Charlotte (NC)
*Glenmary found information pertaining to the criminal conviction of Jablonowski, who served as a priest “on loan” with Glenmary from 1976 to 1980. The charges against Jablonowski were related to his assignment in the Diocese of Cheyenne, Wyoming, after he had left Glenmary.