Letter to supporters concerning recent allegation

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Letter to supporters concerning recent allegation

Dear Glenmary Supporters,

By now you may be aware of the allegations made last Tuesday, August 6th against Glenmary Father David Glockner. As a Glenmary donor and supporter, I want you to know what our response is when such an allegation is made.

At Glenmary, our primary concern is the well-being of those we serve, especially the vulnerable. Any claims of inappropriate behavior by a Glenmarian are taken seriously and responded to right away.

Whenever Glenmary receives an allegation of abuse against a missioner, the President of Glenmary immediately notifies relevant civil authorities, and fully cooperates with their investigation. The accused missioner is instructed to return to Glenmary’s Cincinnati headquarters immediately and is removed from ministry while the allegation’s credibility is investigated.  An independent Review Board which consists of 3 women and 3 men from a variety of backgrounds (e.g. social worker) assists Glenmary’s President in determining whether an allegation is credible or not credible.

If allegations are substantiated, the missioner would not be permitted to engage in public ministry any longer and would be placed under a safety plan designed to prevent future abuse. Glenmary will never allow a credibly accused missioner to continue in public ministry.

Glenmary also has a Hope and Healing Team that offers compassion and support to all survivors of abuse, including independent counseling.

​Finally, it is important to communicate  that no donor funds are ever used to cover the expenses related to allegations, substantiated or otherwise, of sexual misconduct by a Glenmary member.

Regarding Father Dave, I received a phone call Tuesday from the director of Emmaus Volunteer Farm in Lewis County, Kentucky who communicated the allegations. Immediately I contacted Father Glockner, recalling him to headquarters. By 8 p.m. Tuesday night, he was back here at our Glenmary residence.  In addition, within 24 hours of the accusation being received, I communicated the allegations to the Lewis County, Kentucky sheriff, the Diocese of Covington, and the Chair of the Glenmary Review Board. Soon after, our communication’s department put out a press release informing the public. In short, Glenmary’s policies and procedures were followed swiftly and correctly.

Glenmary will always put the safety of minors and vulnerable adults at the forefront of what we do. If you have any questions about how Glenmary handles suspected cases of abuse, or if you have information concerning suspected abuse, please call my personal line at 513-881-7402.

Father Dan Dorsey
Glenmary Home Missioners