Glenmary Brings the Fullness of the Eucharist

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Glenmary Brings the Fullness of the Eucharist

The National Eucharistic Revival called for by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has been bearing fruit across the country since it began in June of 2022. For Glenmary, the Eucharist has always been critical to the mission, and to the spirituality of its members. The Eucharistic Revival is an opportunity to revisit that.

“Eucharist has been central to Glenmary in that we try to form missions gathered around the table of the Lord and fed by the Eucharist,” says Glenmary Father John Brown. “And then to go out and share what we receive and share reconciliation, adoration. It means every race, every people, every tongue, every language. That’s who we are at the Eucharist.”

Eucharistic communities are a critical part of Glenmary’s ministry. Each mission serves a diverse Catholic minority. There priests and brothers preach about the Real Presence and foster eucharistic devotion. But, says Father John, the Eucharist isn’t just about what happens in Church. It strengthens missioners and parishioners to go forth and live the Gospel.

“A number of the priests and brothers have done ministries in the mission that are not directly centered around the Eucharist or around a parish setting,” he says. “Brother Jason Muhlenkamp has trailers where they bring in people who’ve had trouble with drugs, people who were homeless, to try to get them on their feet.” Father John noted various other ministries such as food assistance, prison ministry and more. 

For Father John, the Eucharist is a source of strength. His faith in the Real Presence is buoyed by Eucharistic miracles, including one he witnessed.

“I could never leave the Church. How could I miss Eucharist,” he asks. “There are miracles in which hosts have bled. There’s been multiplication of hosts. I personally have been there when there was multiplication of blood, when people kept drinking and drinking when it was almost empty and it didn’t empty.”

As part of its own participation in the National Eucharistic Revival, Glenmary will have Day of Adoration on February 16. Each mission, as well as Glenmary’s Our Lady of the Fields chapel, at its Cincinnati, Ohio headquarters, will participate in Eucharistic adoration. Glenmary’s Second Vice President, Father Steve Pawelk, also penned a special Eucharistic prayer, with consultation from the community.

Father Chet Artysiewicz, who has been part of Glenmary’s planning for the Eucharistic Revival, said each mission will tailor its adoration event to its own community. 

“You can view it through the lens of the efforts to revive the importance of the Eucharist in our Church,” Father Chet says. “It is my conviction that if we truly understood the Eucharist, it would take a lot of dynamite to blow somebody out of the Catholic Church, despite her humanity!”

—John Stegeman

This story first appeared in Glenmary’s Cultivate newsletter.