4th Tuesday of Lent

Daily Reflection

4th Tuesday of Lent

Heal me, Lord!

From today’s Scripture: “Do you want to be well?”John 5: 6

Ezekiel tells us of water flowing from the Temple creating a river of life which produces an abundance of fish and fruits and trees whose leaves are used for medicine. The Gospel tells of a chronically ill man waiting 38 years to be placed in the pool to be healed. Why so long? Maybe that is why Jesus asks him, “Do you want to be well?” Do you really?

Sometimes we may be chronically ill spiritually. We limp along, hoping to be healed, but not really cooperating with God. We can get comfortable with our paralysis. We can be slow to respond when the waters of grace are stirred. We can get comfortable with pain. Like therapy, healing can be painful and gut-wrenching. Yet, our pain may make us more understanding and compassionate. Isn’t this the kind of healing we all need?

Let us pray: Jesus, let your healing waters flow over me. Let your loving mercy renew me. Loving Mercy, transform me.




Today’s author is Liz Dudas, educator who worked with Glenmary’s Pastoral Services department in Nashville, Tenn.


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