26th Wednesday in Ordinary Time

Daily Reflection

26th Wednesday in Ordinary Time


From today’s Scripture:‘No one who sets a hand to the plow and looks to what was left behind is fit for the Kingdom of God.’”—Lk 9:62

What should I do today? Most days many of us don’t ask that question. Our routines take care of it. I get up, shower, eat, breakfast, tend to the pet, head out the door to work…. The routine goes on from there. But sometimes we need to stop and check our priorities.

What are we really doing with the life that God has given to us? What are we hoping and praying for in the future—from what happens in the next hour to what might be happening tomorrow, next week and beyond. Jesus instructs his disciples today to keep that future in mind. Yes, the past is a context for understanding who we are. But we are called to move forward in faith.

Let us pray: Today, Lord, give me a dream for the future. Let me see some new possibility on my horizon, and go for it!



Today’s author is John Feister, an award-winning journalist and member of Glenmary’s Communications Team. This week’s reflections are also in Spanish, available by email.



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