Mountain Managers

Join us as a Mountain Manager! Now accepting applications. See the below for more information and an application!

Glenmary’s Mountain Managers act as a catalyst to volunteer groups serving with Glenmary’s Group Volunteer Program on Joppa Mountain (Toppa Joppa) and to those living in Tennessee’s Grainger and Union counties. They not only help serve the needs of the poor living in these counties, but also the needs of the volunteers who come from a multitude of places in the United States to serve at Toppa Joppa.

The time volunteers spent at Toppa Joppa is a unique experience, one that allows the volunteer to see the growth of individual volunteers and be a part of the life of this Applachian region. Those who work at Toppa Joppa try to illuminate problems in the areas of social justice to live simply in community. Glenmary provides long-term volunteers with an opportunity to live these simple values away from the hectic pace of society.

Glenmary provides room, board, a stipend, and health insurance to long-term mountain managers and volunteers.

A description of the long-term volunteer staff position, as well as necessary forms for application, follow:

Glenmary Volunteer Staff Job Description

Long Term Volunteer Application

Long-term Volunteer Background Check Forms

For more information about becoming a long-term volunteer, complete this form or contact Glenmary’s volunteer program director Joe Grosek.

Meet a Mountain Manager

What is Glenmary?

Glenmary is a Catholic society of priests, brothers and lay missioners who serve primarily in Appalachia and the deep South. Glenmary was founded in 1939 by Father William Howard Bishop, who had a dream that the Catholic Church would be present everywhere in the United States.

Glenmary has served mission churches in 14 states with the goal to return developed parishes to the care of the local diocese. We can then move on to new mission territory.

Glenmary is proud that more than 120 parishes are former Glenmary missions. Our missions are in counties where less than 1% of the population is Catholic, as high as 75% claim no faith affiliation at all. Poverty averages 20%, almost two times the national average.