Monthly Donations

Monthly Donations Change Lives

Share God’s Word – Feed the Hungry –  Build Churches – Love the Poor – Serve Catholics – Create Community

Glenmary’s monthly donations program offers an affordable way to donate and make a huge impact on the lives of people in the home missions. This predictable income gives our priests and brothers resources they can count on to meet the spiritual and materials needs in their communities. Join the many Glenmary donors who have found the monthly donations program to be an easy way to become a sustaining partner in mission.

Benefits for Your Monthly Donation

Each month you will receive the Cultivate newsletter that features a Glenmary mission, ministry or missioner whose work wouldn’t be possible without the generous donations of our supporters. This newsletter also includes a timely message from Glenmary’s First Vice President and often spotlights one of Glenmary’s donors.

As a Glenmary donor and a monthly giver, you are also always remembered in the daily prayers of every Glenmary priest, brother and coworker.

By using your credit card to set up a recurring monthly donation, you are making a difference, while saving time and paperwork for yourself.

Can We Rely on Your Monthly Donation?

When you make your first donation, you’ll receive a personal letter of welcome from Glenmary’s president. Then, each month following, you will receive the Cultivate newsletter as well as an annual statement of your total year-to-date, tax-deductible monthly gifts to Glenmary.

Start your monthly credit card donation now.

Thank you for your generous gift. For more information, or to manage or make changes to your current giving plan, please contact Betsy Bown at 513 881-7449 or

Your monthly donation supports important missionary activities like these:

  • Missionary Pastoral Minister Lorenzo Ajú and his wife, Nicolasa, have begun to establish a new mission area in Overton County, TN. Mass is now being celebrated monthly at the Methodist church hall.
  • Br. Craig Digmann evangelizes in Washington County, NC, an area where Catholics are few. He is often the first Catholic to visit and pray with members of other Christian churches. His presence helps build relationships and break down many of the misconceptions of the Catholic faith.
  • In Early County GA, Br. Jason helps families avoid eviction, keep the lights on, have shelter for the night, or bury a loved one.
  • At Holy Trinity and St. Joan of Arc missions in NC, parishioners build community through Mass and the sacraments, communal prayer, and fellowship
  • In Union County, TN, Father Neil Pezzulo utilizes a mobile food pantry to provide fresh food to remote families, often buying food locally to help local businesses while serving the poor.
  • In Unicoi County, TN, St. Michael the Archangel mission has a growing youth ministry that is bursting at the seams and is filled with joy.
  • Sixteen young men are currently in formation to become Glenmary priests and brothers to serve in the home missions.
  • In Grainger County, TN, St. John Paul II mission dedicated a new permanent church building, lovingly constructed by the parishioners and other volunteer labor.
  • In Georgia, Fr. Francois ministers to youth in incarceration facilities, the only minister bringing the good news of Jesus Christ to these young people.

Personal donor information is kept confidential and never sold or shared with other organizations.