Donor Advised Fund

Donate from Your Donor Advised Fund

If you have a Donor Advised Fund, it is an excellent vehicle for supporting the home missions. You just recommend a grant to Glenmary Home Missioners to donate directly through your fund’s sponsoring organization.

A Donor Advised Fund is maintained and operated by a section 501(c)(3) organization, called the sponsoring organization. Each fund is comprised of a donor’s contributions for which a tax deduction is received. The donor can then recommend grants to charitable organizations over time. Contributions may be made to the fund as often as the donor would like. The timing of grant recommendations is also up to the donor. Grants must be made to an IRS-qualified public charity.

Your donation will be put to use right away to help Glenmary Missioners share the Gospel, celebrate the sacraments and assist those in spiritual and material need in Appalachia and the rural South.

When you make a Donor Advised Fund gift, it’s possible that the sponsoring organization will not share your information with us. Please contact us when you’ve made a gift so we can make sure to thank you and ensure your gift is utilized as intended.

Glenmary Home Missioners

P.O. Box 465618
Cincinnati, OH 45246-5618

Physical Address: 4119 Glenmary Trace, Fairfield, OH 45014

Telephone: 513-874-8900
Telephone: 800-935-0975


Glenmary’s tax ID number is 31-0537070.

Thank you for your generosity!

Your donation from your Donor Advised Fund supports important missionary activities like these:

  • Missionary Pastoral Minister Lorenzo Ajú and his wife, Nicolasa, have begun to establish a new mission area in Overton County, TNMass began by being celebrated in a hall of the Livingston public library. Thanks to the generosity of the local Methodist minister, Mass is now celebrated at the Methodist Church in Livingston.
  • Br. Craig Digmann evangelizes in Trousdale County, TN, an area where Catholics are few. He has visited every Christian church there: 34 in total.
  • In Early County GA, Br. Jason helps families avoid eviction, keep the lights on, have shelter for the night, or bury a loved one.
  • At Holy Trinity and St. Joan of Arc missions in NC, parishioners build community through Mass and the sacraments, communal prayer, and fellowship
  • In Union County, TN, Father Neil Pezzulo utilizes a mobile food pantry to provide fresh food to remote families, often buying food locally to help local businesses while serving the poor.
  • In Unicoi County, TN, St. Michael the Archangel mission has a growing youth ministry that is bursting at the seams and is filled with joy.
  • Sixteen young men are currently in formation to become Glenmary priests and brothers to serve in the home missions.
  • In Grainger County, TN, St. John Paul II mission recently dedicated a new permanent church building, lovingly constructed by the parishioners and other volunteer labor.
  • In Georgia, Fr. Francois ministers to youth in incarceration facilities, the only minister bringing the good news of Jesus Christ to these young people.

Personal donor information is kept confidential and never sold or shared with other organizations.

This information is not legal advice. A donor should seek the guidance of a qualified estate and/or tax professional to understand the consequences of a gift.