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Glenmary Home Missioners is Catholic society of priests and religious brothers who, along with lay  coworkers, are dedicated to serving the spiritual and material needs of people living in mission counties throughout Appalachia and the South. With missionary job opportunities, Glenmary serves the Catholic minority, by establishing a Church presence in areas where frequently less than 1 percent of the total population are Catholic; the unchurched, by testifying to our faith in mission regions where a significant percentage of the people have no church affiliation; and the poor, through our outreach and work for social justice in counties where the poverty levels are almost twice the national average.

Glenmary Home Missioners looks for passionate individuals committed to the mission effort to join our team. Check out the missionary job opportunities below to see if there is a job that is right for you.

Catholic Lay Evangelizer Ministry Position

(Posted 3-22-22)

The Glenmary Home Missioners is looking for Catholic lay people to engage in full time ministry in evangelization of the unaffiliated, unchurched, and non-Christians. The job would take place in Glenmary’s mission in Unicoi County, Tennessee. Persons interested need to be practicing Catholics with a background in Catholic theology, experience in evangelization, and an ability to share the gospel through creative initiatives. An option to live in an intentional community is available. For more information contact sraymond@glenmary.org.

Glenmary is interested in speaking to lay people called to mission life in a variety of ways. To see more opportunities, click here.

Long-term Volunteers (Mountain Managers)

(Posted 4-1-22)
Glenmary Home Missioners is seeking five individuals to serve as long-term volunteers, aka Mountain Managers, at the Glenmary Group Volunteer program site on Joppa Mountain in Grainger County, Tenn.

Mountain Managers live on site and serve terms from three to 24 months with negotiable starting dates and breaks for Christmas and summer. Duties include: overall supervision and leadership of volunteer groups; Planning and coordination with local directors of programs for weekly activities; Renovation and rehab projects for those in need in Union and Grainger counties; Meal planning, preparation, clean-up for groups of 12-35; Purchasing food and household supplies; Sale and inventory control of program memorabilia; General maintenance and upkeep of volunteer facility; Manual labor at building/renovation sites; Nursing home visitation; Community outreach; Environmental protection and landscaping.

Glenmary provides room and board and full medical coverage for staff. Staff receive a monthly stipend of $300, domestic telephone use and use of a Glenmary vehicle. For more information or to apply, visit http://www.glenmary.org/long-term-volunteers.
For information on group volunteer opportunities at our Tennessee mission site, click here.

What is Glenmary?

Glenmary is a Catholic society of priests, brothers and lay missioners who serve primarily in Appalachia and the deep South. Glenmary was founded in 1939 by Father William Howard Bishop, who had a dream that the Catholic Church would be present everywhere in the United States.

Glenmary has served mission churches in 14 states with the goal to return developed parishes to the care of the local diocese. We can then move on to new mission territory.

Glenmary is proud that more than 120 parishes are former Glenmary missions. Our missions are in counties where less than 1% of the population is Catholic, as high as 75% claim no faith affiliation at all. Poverty averages 20%, almost two times the national average.