Missionary Prayer & Support Requests

Let us pray for you!

Missionary Prayer and Support Requests


As Catholic missionaries, we believe in the power of prayer. While donations are important to maintaining Glenmary’s home mission ministry, so are the missionary online prayer requests and ongoing prayers from Glenmary’s supporters.

Your prayer support can be offered by praying the home mission prayers, or the prayer to Glenmary’s patroness, Our Lady of the Fields, both found below – or the prayers contained in the Glenmary Book of Prayer. You can also receive the Glenmary Daily Reflection via email. Sign up now.

Those wishing to have their special prayer requests remembered in the daily prayers of Glenmary priests, brothers and lay coworkers can now submit the prayer requests electronically, via e-mail or by using the form below.

Once your free online prayer request(s) is received, it will be printed and placed in Our Lady of the Fields Chapel located at Glenmary’s Cincinnati Headquarters. Each day, Glenmarians and coworkers remember, as a whole, all the intentions placed in the chapel.

    Home Mission Prayer

    Lord Jesus Christ, who, for the salvation of all
    people, founded Your Church in the Blood of
    Sacrifice, look with mercy on this land of ours
    where Your truth is unknown to many for
    whom You endured Your passion and death.
    We commend to Your Sacred Heart the work
    of carrying Your gospel to the mission regions
    of America. Raise up holy and zealous
    apostles to bring Your words of salvation to
    souls now thirsting for the truth. Have mercy
    on them, Lord, and send shepherds to lead
    them into Your one true fold. Amen!

    Our Lady of the Fields, pray for them.
    Saint Joseph, friend of forgotten souls,
    pray for them.
    Holy Apostles and Martyrs, pray for them.
    Holy Confessors and Virgins, pray for them,
    that through our labors we may hope to win for
    them the Divine gift of faith.

    —Father William Howard Bishop
    Founder of Glenmary, 1939.


    Glenmary Mission Prayer

    O LOVING FATHER, may your Spirit
    guide our missionary service.

    Like Jesus, may we proclaim
    the reign of God is at hand.

    Like Peter, may we fall on our knees
    at the sight of your great catch.

    Like Paul, may we strive to share
    the Gospel with all people.

    Like Isaac Jogues and Companions,
    may we willingly sacrifice our lives in
    service to the people of rural America.


    O CREATOR OF ALL, give us courage
    to leave the ninety-nine
    and go after the lost one.

    Grant us the joy to rejoice
    over the found one.

    Compel us to care
    for the victims we find along the road.

    Move us to embrace
    the prodigal’s returning home.

    We ask this through your Son,
    Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


    Our Lady of the Fields Prayer

    Our Lady of the Fields,
    The Seed of your womb
    Is the Hope of the earth.

    Help us sow this Seed
    To all those in need.

    In the soil of sorrow,
    Help us sow fields of comfort.

    In the dry ground of discrimination,
    Help us sow fields of rich harmony.

    In the hard clay of doubt and despair,
    Help us sow abundant fields of hope and care.

    O Mary,
    Our Lady of the Fields,
    Patroness of Glenmary,
    Pray for us.

    —Father Steve Pawelk, 2002


    Thank you for entrusting your special needs and prayer requests to the prayers of Glenmary Home Missioners and coworkers. And please, remember in your missionary prayer requests, our missioners and—most especially—your neighbors we serve in the home missions.

    To request copies of any of the Glenmary prayer book, please contact Glenmary’s Donor Services Department at 513-874-8900 / 800-935-0975.