St. Dominic

Daily Reflection

St. Dominic

Kingdom of love

From today’s Scripture: “‘The Son of Man is to be handed over to man.’”—Mt 17:22

Throughout Jesus’ public ministry he will share his future. He speaks of the cross he will have to carry, his suffering and death. His listeners do not seem to want to listen. There is a great desire for those who follow Jesus to talk about the earthly Kingdom, how they will be rich with many earthly treasures.

Jesus stresses that his Kingdom is based on love which is shown in service and forgiveness of others. Do we take the words of Jesus to heart? Or do we listen more closely to what we feel that would get us ahead in life? Let us have ears to really hear.

Let us pray: Loving Jesus, open my heart to hear and live your message. Help me to proclaim your message to all, especially to those most in need.




Today’s author is Glenmary Father Vic Subb, a member of our Development team. This reflection is also in Spanish, available by email.


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