Transfiguration of the Lord

Daily Reflection

Transfiguration of the Lord

Listen to live.

From today’s Scripture: “This is my chosen Son; listen to him.”—Lk 9:35

There is no doubt. God makes it very clear—both at his Baptism in the Jordan River and the extraordinary Transfiguration experience on the mountaintop: Jesus is the Son of God! With that statement the world is changed. God has come to earth to fulfill his promise of salvation.

Then comes the command: “Listen to him.” Jesus is the pathway to the Father. He has the words of eternal life. To be part of his plan for salvation we must listen and believe.

Let us pray: Dear Jesus, you are the Christ, the Son sent by God to save the world from sin. Thank you for your sacrificial love. Help me listen to your words with an open heart and the desire to always follow in your ways.



Today’s author is Chris Phelps, Director of Development for Glenmary Home Missioners. This week’s reflections are also in Spanish, available by email.


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