Third Wednesday of Lent

Daily Reflection

Third Wednesday of Lent

Watch out!

From today’s Scripture: Be earnestly on your guard not to forget the things which your own eyes have seen—Dt 4:9

Did you ever consider how important an eyewitness is? Always bystanders to an auto accident are sought by police and insurance companies to prove what happened. Even more seriously, having a witness to a crime can make the difference between justice being served or not.

Witness is a strong theme from the Old Testament to the New. The early Israelites are cautioned never to forget what they have seen: the saving power of God. Similarly, we hear of witness to the saving acts of Jesus, and later to testimony of “what we have seen and heard.” 

We tend to forget. And as we forget, we start to rewrite our stories, perhaps forgetting that someone else made all of the difference for us. We are not saved, we do not find true life, through our own power. Lent is a time for us to remember that.

Let us pray: God, stir my memory today. Help me to remember how much other people have given to me to make me the person I am. And help  me to see your gift is behind it all.


Today’s author is John Feister, an award-winning journalist and member of Glenmary’s Communications Team.

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