Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

Daily Reflection

Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

Building the kingdom

From today’s Scripture: “There are different services, but the Lord is the same. There are different activities, but God, who does everything in everyone, is the same.” —1 Cor 12:4-5

When we work in tune with God, he manifests himself through us. Whether we do a simple activity, such as cleaning the floor, or a more sophisticated one, such as developing plans and strategies for an organization, the essential thing is that it is God who guides and leads us. Thus we collaborate in the construction of his kingdom and any action, however simple it may seem, acquires supernatural significance. The key is that he is the one who takes the helm of our lives, above and beyond our human weaknesses and limitations.

A spiritual guide from my youth had some advice: Cultivate your relationship with God in such a way that when necessary, just dial the phone and he will answer you immediately!

Let us pray: Abba, Daddy God, help me today and every day to allow you to steer the boat of my life. Give me humility and all that it entails to put aside my impurities so that each one of my actions comes from and returns to you.


Today’s author is Omar Cabrera, coordinator of Spanish-language communications for Glenmary Home Missioners. This week’s reflections are translated from Spanish, also available by email.


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