Our Lady of Sorrows

Daily Reflection

Our Lady of Sorrows

Go to Mary.

From today’s Scripture: “Then he said to the disciple, “Behold, your mother.’”—John 19:27

When I suffer from doing something foolish, I know it is my fault, like the time I broke my ankle playing badminton on a rough surface. When I think of undeserved suffering, I often turn to Mary, the Mother of Jesus. She had done nothing wrong, but she suffered so much watching Jesus hanging on a cross, mostly naked, on a public street. But, it was then that he said the beautiful words from today’s reading above.

Mary, the experienced sufferer, is my mother. She loves me and will teach me how to suffer, if I want to learn. What do you want from her today?

Let us pray: God, you taught Mary how to suffer so well. Teach me as you taught her.



Today’s author is Glenmary Father Frank Ruff, former president of Glenmary, mission pastor, and Catholic representative to the Southern Baptist Convention.


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