First Friday in Ordinary Time

Daily Reflection

First Friday in Ordinary Time

God’s consolation

From today’s Scripture: “‘Now that you are old, and your sons do not follow your example, appoint a king over us.’ The LORD said: ‘Listen to whatever the people say. You are not the one they are rejecting. They are rejecting me as their king.’” —1 Sam 8:5, 7

Like many of us, Samuel had disappointments. He worked diligently throughout his life, devoting himself to serving God and God’s people only to have not only the people, but his own sons reject God.

What sort of consolation did Samuel feel when God told him ‘It is not you but me they reject’? Did it soothe Samuel to know he had done his job well? That there was nothing more he could have done?

What might Samuel’s prayers have been when God allowed his people to reject him? Many of us utter those same prayers. What consolation does God provide us? Do we allow God to soothe us or do we continue to fret and worry? 

Let us pray: Lord, help me to trust you even when things feel out of control. Help me put my worries back into your hands and have faith in your love.



Today’s author, Jenna Spurlock, is a volunteer serving this year as a “mountain manager” in Glenmary’s volunteer program at Joppa Mountain, in Grainger County, Tennessee.


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