19th Tuesday in Ordinary Time

Daily Reflection

19th Tuesday in Ordinary Time

He died for us all.

From today’s Scripture: “‘Amen, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will not enter the Kingdom of heaven.’”—Mt 18:3

In the time of Jesus, women and children had few rights. A child was to be seen and not heard. How unbelievable it must have seemed to tell the disciples, they must be as humble as a child to know eternal life!

Jesus looks for the outcasts, to those with little power, to help others to see his message. Jesus message is for all. He died for all. 

Is there anyone whom we exclude in our lives, whom we may not wish to have them be a part of our life? The person we exclude may be the one who brings us closer to the Lord! Jesus sees the value of each person.

Let us pray: Jesus, open my eyes, my ears, my whole being to the goodness of each person. As I pray for the conversion of others, let me pray for my own.




Today’s author is Glenmary Father Vic Subb, a member of our Development team. This reflection is also in Spanish, available by email.


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