10th Wednesday in Ordinary Time

Daily Inspiration

10th Wednesday in Ordinary Time

Jesus wants us to have peace and hope.

From today’s Scripture:Teach me your paths, my God, and guide me in your truth.”—Ps 25

Jesus bids each of us to come forth and not to worry: he will be with us always. Yes, there will be hardship, but he will be with us. Down through the ages since Christ made that promise to his disciples, the faith has carried on. There have been some rough times, but we have made it through!

I do not want to erase the wrongs, but we have to keep moving forward and not repeat the mistakes of the past. When the past hits us in the face, we have to confront it head-on, and make it right. The resurrection of Jesus is the hope of all people that we someday will rise from the dead and go to heaven. 

Let us pray: O, Lord, I want true peace. I want to hope. Help me today to follow in your paths that will lead me there.



Today’s author is Glenmary Father Thomas Kirkendoll, former mission pastor and current co-director of Glenmary’s novitiate program.


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