Glenmary Challenge Magazine

Glenmary Challenge magazine, our quarterly publication, has three goals: to educate Catholics about the U.S. home missions, to motivate young men to consider Glenmary priesthood or brotherhood, and to invite all Catholics to respond to their baptismal call to be missionary by partnering with Glenmary as financial contributors, prayer partners, professional coworkers and/or volunteers.

Glenmary Challenge is sent to all donors, to U.S. diocesan clergy and to anyone who requests it.

: Father Dan Dorsey
Editor: John Feister
Assistant Editors: Laney Blevins, Omar Cabrera, Theresa Nguyen-Gillen
Design: E+R Design Studio
Planning-Review Board:  Brothers Craig Digmann and David Henley, Chris Phelps, Lucy Putnam, Father Aaron Wessman

Glenmary Challenge is an award-winning member of the Catholic Media Association.