Third Thursday of Lent

Daily Reflection

Third Thursday of Lent

Welcoming Christ

From today’s Scripture: But if it is by the finger of God that I drive out demons, then the Kingdom of God has come upon you.”Lk 11:20

Jesus cures the man possessed and made mute by a demon. What a great story! Jesus comes to restore order and renews life for this man, as he does for all of us. The man with the demon was held from the goodness of speech. Jesus restores his speech and names his goodness!

What kind of paralyzing stresses do you and I have in our lives? Maybe it’s the seemingly never-ending pandemic, maybe it’s illness or death, maybe it’s any personal conflict or hardship that keeps you from Christ.

Welcome Christ into your life today! Let him walk with you in your pains. Satan isolates; Christ unites.

Let us pray: Lord, renew my life! Help me to hear with your ears, and to speak with your tongue. Heal me of everything that holds me back from living and sharing your grace.



Today’s author is Glenmary Brother Thomas Nguyen, of Dallas, Texas.


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