First Saturday in Ordinary Time

Daily Reflection

First Saturday in Ordinary Time

Questions for God

From today’s Scripture: “‘Go up ahead of me to the high place and eat with me today. In the morning, before dismissing you, I will tell you whatever you wish.’”—1 Sam 9:19

If you had the chance to eat with and ask questions of God’s anointed spokesman, what would you ask? What do you ask of God?

Each of us has the direct relationship with God that Samuel did and can speak directly to our God. Do we cultivate that gift so that we can hear what God is telling us? Do you talk to God about the desires you have? Do you show your hand to God and allow Him to weigh in on the choices you are considering for your life?

Let us pray: Lord, help me to have faith that you answer our every prayer. Help me understand that even when I do not hear your answer, you want the best for me, always. 



Today’s author, Jenna Spurlock, is a volunteer serving this year as a “mountain manager” in Glenmary’s volunteer program at Joppa Mountain, in Grainger County, Tennessee.


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