28th Wednesday in Ordinary Time

Daily Reflection

28th Wednesday in Ordinary Time

Letting go of fear

From today’s Scripture: “Do you hold his priceless kindness, forbearance, and patience in low esteem, unaware that the kindness of God would lead you to repentance?”—Romans 2:4

You caught me! Sometimes I doubt God’s ability. I have a hard time forgiving myself and so I can’t believe that God could forgive me. My fears make God seem small. I judge others so that I feel that I’m not so bad. 

When I become aware that I am judging I can get perspective. My fears are bigger than me but God is bigger than all my fears. Imitating his mercy and kindness towards myself and to others is my lifelong goal.

Let us pray: Lord, fear sneaks into my heart and makes me doubt your powerful love. Deliver me, Jesus, from the great deceiver that is fear and continue to surround me with your mercy and grace so that I may learn to love as you love. 


Today’s author, Jenna Spurlock, is serving this year as a “mountain manager” in Glenmary’s volunteer program at Joppa Mountain, in Grainger County, Tennessee.


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