11th Saturday in Ordinary Time

Daily Inspiration

11th Saturday in Ordinary Time

Miracles of God

From today’s Scripture: “My grace is sufficient for you, for power is made perfect in weakness.” —2 Cor 12:9

At first glance, this Scripture passage seems like an oxymoron. How can power be derived from weakness? Weakness often leads to difficulty or failure, not power and success. However, though we may not have certain gifts and talents on our own, Christ is able to fill in those gaps. This provides us with the opportunity to share how God has blessed and empowered us in our ministry and daily lives. Do you feel lacking in certain gifts or talents? Have there been moments where you were surprised at your ability to perform well anyway? Perhaps these occasions are not just coincidences, but mini-miracles of God’s work in your life. 

Let us pray: Dear Lord, thank you for the gift of my talents and weaknesses. Help me to see the ways in which you are empowering and sustaining me, even in moments where I feel weak and lacking. 



Today’s author is Julia Sauter, a member of Glenmary’s Development team. She holds an M.A. in theology from Santa Clara University.


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