Vocation Discernment in Lent

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Vocation Discernment in Lent

Lent can be an ideal time for discerning your call to become a Glenmary priest or brother.

In his Lenten message, Pope Francis said that through the practices of prayer, fasting and alms-giving, we can “rediscover the joy of God’s plan for creation and for each of us, which is to love him, our brothers and sisters, and the entire world, and to find in this love our true happiness”

40 days in the desert may lead us to places we do not know. 40 days in the desert can be a lonely time. But 40 days in the desert can also be a time to: help us deepen our faith, shed the unnecessary and convert our hearts. And give us 40 days to reflect on the question, “who am I called to be?”

Finding God’s love for us and recognizing our love for him is the path to our true happiness. Passing through the unknown and making it known is a way of recognizing the sin in our life and turning it over to God. God’s mercy will be there for us.

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