Monthly Giving Club

Monthly Giving Club

Glenmary’s monthly giving program comprises an important core of our donor base.

Club Benefits

Each month you will receive the Cultivate newsletter that features a Glenmary mission, ministry or missioner whose work wouldn’t be possible without the generosity of our donors. This newsletter also includes a timely message from Glenmary’s president and often spotlights one of Glenmary’s donors.

As a Glenmary donor and a monthly giver, you are also always remembered in the daily prayers of every Glenmary priest, brother and coworker.

Can We Rely on Your Monthly Gift?

When you make your first gift, you’ll receive a personal letter of welcome from Glenmary’s president. Then, each month following, you will receive the monthly newsletter as well as a statement of your total year-to-date, tax-deductible monthly gifts to Glenmary.

Start your monthly credit card donation now or contact Glenmary’s donor services at 513-881-7449 for more information.