Boost-A-Month Club

Your Monthly Gifts Are Key to Supporting Our Missions

When Glenmary missioners arrive in a new area to establish a Catholic presence, they open many doors for the community and to the Church.

Church Doors: Glenmary staffs missions in dioceses where the poverty levels are twice the national average. Meeting expenses to keep the church doors open and to provide for the spiritual needs of a local community is a struggle. And in many counties those Catholic church doors are the only ones that are open to everyone—regardless of race, ethnic background or language.

Food Pantry Doors: Many of those living in the areas Glenmary serves live below the poverty level. This means that missions and missioners are always reaching out to help meet basic needs like food, clothing and housing. In North Carolina, for example, one local food pantry where missioners work disburses food to almost 500 families each month. Other missioners work to keep doors open to thrift shops, social service centers and affordable housing as well as to immigrants searching for a Catholic church home in a new land.

Doors to Ecumenical Cooperation: One of the first things Glenmary missioners do when arriving in a home mission county is to join—or start—a ministerial association so Christians can work together to meet local needs.

Car Doors: Glenmary missioners log, on average, 30,000 miles a year as they travel between missions and reach out to the far corners of the multiple counties they serve.

Educational Doors: Over 500 college and high school students each year experience mission firsthand at Toppa Joppa Mountain in Grainger County, Tennessee, just outside of Knoxville. These volunteers spend a week in service, cross-cultural education and prayer. The fees paid by students cover only 60 percent of this mission education program.

How monthly contributions help keep the doors open…

  • $2,139 supports a Glenmary missioner for a month in a typical rural county.
  • $300 buys the gas to keep a Glenmary missioner on the road for a month.
  • $250 pays the monthly utility bills (water, phone, electric) for a typical Glenmary mission.
  • $50 keeps a mission parish in altar wine and communion hosts for a month.
  • $25 buys the ground turkey to feed 20 volunteers for one supper.

To use a credit card or electronic check to make your recurring gifts, use our secure online giving form.

Boost-A-Month Club Benefits

Each month you will receive the Boost-A-Month Club newsletter that features a Glenmary mission, ministry or missioner whose work wouldn’t be possible without the generosity of our donors. This newsletter also includes a timely message from Glenmary’s president and often spotlights one of Glenmary’s donors.

As a Glenmary donor and a Boost-A-Month Club member, you are also always remembered in the daily prayers of every Glenmary priest, brother and coworker.

Can We Rely on Your Monthly Boost?

When you make your first gift, you’ll receive a personal letter of welcome from Glenmary’s president. Then, each month following, you will receive the monthly newsletter as well as a statement of your total year-to-date, tax-deductible Boost-A-Month gifts to Glenmary.

For more information, contact Glenmary’s donor services at 513-881-7449.