A Summer Message to Our Glenmary Partners

Dear Friends,

I am happy to report that the Holy Spirit is on the move in our Glenmary missions and ministries! I am thankful for the joy-filled experiences and historic moments that we’ve been blessed with in the first half of 2018. Praise be to God!

As you’ve probably heard, four of our parishes in the mission fields of Tennessee are in the process of constructing humble, yet permanent church buildings. We are excited about the progress made and eager to welcome our mission parishioners into their new church homes.

With over 300 counties without a permanent Catholic church, our home mission ministry is far from being complete. To continue our unique ministry in Appalachia and the South, we need men to respond to God’s call to be missionary priests and brothers. Thankfully, we’ve been blessed abundantly and have a group of energetic, passionate and dedicated men in Glenmary’s Formation Program.

Glenmary currently has 12 men preparing for missionary priesthood and brotherhood in our Formation Program.

On May 24th, three men renewed their oaths, committing them to another year of formation and engagement with the Glenmary spirit of service.

On May 25th, two men – Richard Toboso and Charles Aketch – professed their Final Oaths as Glenmary Home Missioners. They will be ordained transitional deacons on July 5th and become priests next spring. We are happy to have these men join our ranks and are grateful for the work they will be doing to further the Kingdom!

As grateful as we are for the monumental movements in our Formation Program, we know we must not let our efforts or prayers fall by the wayside.  For the first time, Glenmary entered a co-ed team into the Open Marathon Relay at the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon. On May 6th our team of runners, composed of two Glenmary co-workers and two men in our formation program, ran throughout the streets of Cincinnati with branded Glenmary shirts for all to see. Months of training led to our relay team finishing 1st out of 303 co-ed relay teams! The celebration continued as our team was featured in Cincinnati’s The Catholic Telegraph newspaper!

All the happy momentum of our missions and ministry this year wouldn’t be possible without you. Please prayerfully consider joining us as co-missioners during this year of growth and Spirit-led progress by financially supporting us with a gift. Your generosity is producing profound good in our mission territories and your prayers are being answered!

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In peace and mission,
Father Don Tranel
Development Director