A Lenten Message to Our Glenmary Partners

Father Don Tranel, Director of Development

Dear Friends,

Lent is a time of renewal, a time to recommit to Jesus’ teachings on faith, hope, and charity.

Thanks to your past charity, Glenmary is working hard to continue building the Church. Quite literally, several missions are constructing new places to worship. Your gifts mean Glenmary brothers and priests will be there in rural America actively:

•    reaching out to the unchurched
•    administering sacraments where no one else does
•    loving our neighbors in other faith communities
•    serving spiritual and material needs
•    building up Catholic communities where frequently less than 1% of the population is Catholic

And for this, we thank you!

Former Glenmary mission parishioner, Kathy Bennett, experienced this energizing presence firsthand.

“Over the course of our four years as part of the Glenmary family, our lives were changed. This was a different church than what I experienced growing up. Being part of a mission church was exciting and formative.”

Your ongoing charity allows the faith and hope of Christ and His Church to take root in rural and under-served areas of our own country. As you discern your charitable giving this Lenten season, I draw your attention to a story of beloved St. Francis of Assisi.

St. Francis went into a crumbling, rundown church to pray. While there he heard the voice of God tell him to “go and repair my house which, as you see, is falling into ruin.” Francis responded to God’s call and rebuilt the church, saving the worship space from ruin. Later, Francis realized God was also inviting him to greater service to the universal Church.

God may be calling YOU in the same way! The mission need continues to exist. Hundreds of counties still lack a Catholic presence in Appalachia and the South. Glenmary wants to fill that void. With your help, Glenmary is bringing the fullness of the Catholic faith and practice to our mission territories.

During this season of spiritual renewal, fasting and almsgiving, we ask you to respond to God’s call once again with whatever gift you feel compelled to make. We thank you for your charity and prayers, and rest assured we are praying for you as well.

Father Don Tranel
Development Director

P.S. It can often feel as though there are never enough resources to complete our mission, and yet through your cooperation with the Holy Spirit, God provides. This Lent, let us remember that every gift helps. God bless you all.

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