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Support Glenmary at the Flying Pig Marathon

This article is about Glenmary’s efforts in 2018. For the 2019 Flying Pig information, CLICK HERE.

Glenmary Home Missioners are on the run—for vocations that is!

A team of runners from Glenmary Home Missioners will participate in the Flying Pig Marathon May 6, 2018 in Cincinnati, Ohio to raise awareness and money for the home mission need.

Glenmary students Antonio Marchi and Josiah Kimani will be joined by lay coworkers Rachel Thome and Wilmar Zabala to participate in the four-person relay marathon. The relay takes place over the full length of the marathon course, with each runner taking on a portion of the race.

“By having Glenmary students on the team, we hope to show young people that when they answer God’s call and enter a religious community, they can embrace their hobbies or interests rather than give them up,” said Wilmar, who serves as Glenmary’s vocation’s counselor.

Glenmary’s team is running with a three-fold purpose; to promote Glenmary, to encourage young people to consider a vocation with Glenmary, and to raise funds for Glenmary’s vocation ministry.

The runners will keep the intentions of all who donate in their prayers while training. Donations can be made through a Facebook fundraiser or the Glenmary website. To leave a specific prayer intention, leave your message HERE.

To see the Flying Pig relay course, click here

Glenmary establishes the Catholic Church in rural regions of the United States, nurtures the Catholic minority, and reaches out to the unchurched and the poor. To continue sharing Christ’s love and providing the sacraments in rural, impoverished areas of our country, we need to properly educate and train future Glenmarians for a life of mission and service. While God’s love is freely given, seminary education is not. This is why we need your support to help us ensure the longevity of Glenmary’s missionary work by training and educating the next generation of missioners.

This article is about Glenmary’s efforts in 2018. For the 2019 Flying Pig information, CLICK HERE