St. Anthony of the Desert

Daily Reflection

St. Anthony of the Desert

Humility and perspective

From today’s Scripture: “Do you think the Lord is more pleased with burnt offerings and sacrifices than obedience to his words? Obedience is worth more than sacrifice, and docility, more than the fat of rams.”—1 Sam 15:22

Obedience and docility are virtues that we often struggle to practice. But faith and the certainty that God is infinitely wise and perfect make it possible. This requires a lot of humility and a sense of perspective. He is the one who created entire galaxies, while we, from a cosmic perspective, well, we barely appear as dots in the universe.

When we know what God wants us to do, the best we can do is precisely follow his light and act accordingly. The further we turn from that light, the more vain will be any sacrifice or burnt offering that we can make.

Let us pray: God, creator and Lord of the entire universe, allow me to be like stardust that reflects and radiates your light to others and to all your creation.


Today’s author is Omar Cabrera, coordinator of Spanish-language communications for Glenmary Home Missioners. This week’s reflections are translated from Spanish, also available by email.


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