Sharing our Vocation with family

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Sharing our Vocation with family

How do we tell our parents or family members that we are discerning a vocation? We might not be certain ourselves of what path we might be going. We might be afraid to start something because we don’t want to let someone down. We might want to leave some possibilities open. We are not sure others would understand our reasoning of why we want to enter religious life. We might not be sure how others will react.

They love us, we need their support but might not know in what ways. Letting others know at the right time might give us some prayerful people who are willing to pray for us as we go through the discernment process.

I think the following excerpt from a letter is one that many young men in this situation might be able to relate to. Even though it is 73 years old it is still pertinent today.

Glenmary Father Leo Schloemer wrote the following letter to his mom on 12 March, 1946. He was

only 21 years old at the time and was serving on board the U.S.S. Renshaw.

Dear mom,

I received quite a batch of mail today and in it was two letters from you, postmarked the 8th and 9th…

I noticed in your last letter that you are still a bit worried about my enrolling at N.C., so I am going to tell you something now that perhaps I should have disclosed a long time ago.

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