Novice serves food bank

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Novice serves food bank

Glenmary Novice Thomas Nguyen smiles with Westmoreland Food Bank Director Charlie Millson.

Glenmary’s Holy Family Mission in Macon County, Tenn., has begun a collaboration with the Westmoreland Food Bank in neighboring Sumner County.

Glenmary novice Thomas Nguyen has volunteered at the food bank since mid-September. Thomas has also brought students from Holy Family’s youth group to volunteer.

Thomas got involved at the suggestion of Pastor Father Vic Subb. He is now a regular, helping the food bank feed approximately 75 families each week. The food bank is affiliated with a local Protestant church, pastored by Charlie Millson, who also runs the program.

“I think (volunteering) has opened up my perspective and built up my servant’s heart,” said Thomas. “Saying, ‘How are you,’ is also very important in this kind of ministry. As Charlie says, The only kindness these people may get all day is the kindness they get from us.”