Immigration Raid in Tennessee

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Immigration Raid in Tennessee

Early this month, a raid by Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Grainger County, Tenn. profoundly affected the local community, which is served by Glenmary’s St. John Paul II mission. Glenmary president Father Chet Artysiewicz released a statement picked up by The Washington Post and Glenmary Father Steve Pawelk, who was in the thick of things helping families, was quoted by several publications.

April 6  The Washington Post
ICE raids meatpacking plant in Tennessee

April 6 — WBIR Channel 10 News
Local families wait for answers

April 7 — CNHI Television 
Raid Reaction

April 7 — WBIR Channel 10 News
Religious leaders say ICE raid hurt local community

April 7 — Statement by Bishop Richard F. Stika
Bishop extends thanks to those who support families