Glenmary Assembly underway

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Glenmary Assembly underway

Each year, Glenmary Home Missioners assemble together to discuss the business of the society and to reconnect with each other. This year the Annual Assembly is taking place June 4-7 at the St. John XXIII Pastoral Center in Charleston, W.Va.

“All religious communities have regular gatherings,” said Father Neil Pezzulo, Glenmary’s first vice president. “Part of it is to attend to administrative matters, but another part of it is spending time in prayer and also relaxation with our fellow missioners.”

The priests, brothers and students gathered will discuss the upcoming 2019 Glenmary Chapter, the future of the society, Glenmary community life and more. Also at the assembly, Glenmarians celebrating key anniversaries will be celebrated and novices Matthew Solarz and Josiah Kimani will make their First Oaths.

Please keep the Glenmary Home Missioners in prayer this week.

(Photo: Father Bruce Brylinski dances with students during the 2017 Glenmary Assembly banquet celebrating his 25 years as a missioner).