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Wise Missioner: Father Rollie Hautz

You can see why Father Rollie (Roland) Hautz is called […]

Glenmarians revisit their roots

Glenmary President Father Dan Dorsey led an excursion over the […]

A priest stranded at an airport

By Glenmary Father John S. Rausch Another one of Murphy’s […]

Glenmary volunteers a crucial part of mission

Ask Glenmary volunteer director Joe Grosek why he does what […]

Grayson: A Success Story

Six years after Glenmary returned sacramental care of Carter County, […]

Parishioner Profile: Ramirez at home at St. Michael

Like most of the Latino members of St. Michael the […]

Wise Missioner: Father Dominic Duggins

It was a spiritual director who made the difference for […]

Parishioner Profile: ‘I want to go to THIS church’

Glenmary Home Missioners serve all the people they find living […]

Visiting Brother Tom on the trail

“Want some ‘Trail Magic’?” It’s a clear, cold morning as […]

Candle making with Brother Craig

It’s 6 a.m. Glenmary Brother Craig Digmann is eating a […]