4th Sunday of Lent

Daily Reflection

4th Sunday of Lent

Seeing is believing.

From today’s Scripture: So he went and washed, and came back able to see.”—John 9:7

For those of us who have had cataract surgery, we know what it is like to see with newly implanted lenses. We see things we never saw before. Like cobwebs on the wall, for example. Or individual trees rather than a blur of green. Or the night sky where the stars shimmer like diamonds. The blind man in the Gospel longs “to see,” he wants to believe. Seeing and believing are bound together.

When we ask to see and God spits and makes mud, and wipes our eyes clean, we see other people not only as gifts. We also feel their sorrows, their fears, their anger, their disappointments. Now seeing the person as a child of God, we cannot judge; we can only feel and love.

Let us pray: Loving God, give me eyes to see what you see. Touch my soul to feel as you feel. Give me a heart to love as you love.



Today’s author is Liz Dudas, educator who worked with Glenmary’s Pastoral Services department in Nashville, Tenn.


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