24th Monday in Ordinary Time

Daily Reflection

24th Monday in Ordinary Time

Are we worthy?

From today’s Scripture: “I am not worthy to have you enter under my roof.”—Lk 7:6

We aren’t inclined to humility. In our world we hear that we’re special and deserving of so much, so when we hear the words of the centurion, “I am not worthy,” we may bristle just a bit. But it’s true isn’t it? We cannot earn what Jesus offers. Nothing we do could be enough.

That’s how great his love is. It is so powerful that it makes up for all that lacks within us. Saying, “I am not worthy” isn’t a knock on ourselves, it’s a statement of faith in God’s great mercy. If Jesus only says the word, we can be healed. Today, let’s shout it from the rooftops. I am not worthy, Lord, but you are enough.

Let us pray: Lord, remember your servant. Give us the grace to know how much we rely on your love and mercy.



Today’s author is John Stegeman, Catholic communicator and frequent contributor to Glenmary’s communications efforts.



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